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The way how we used to work just over a decade ago is vastly different today. When we look at the 21st century work culture, other than the usage of advanced technology, a more significant and yet underrated difference is the shift in work culture that most organisations have experienced in recent years.

With every wave of new graduates hitting the job market, the way we work has (be it gradual or instantaneously) gone through major changes to not only attract top talent but also to retain them in order to ensure their competitive advantage.

Currently the Gen-Ys make up the majority in the workforce and their presence have definitely affected the work culture in significant ways.

The Need For Better Technology

Having grown up with technology at the tips of their fingers tips, the demand for equally (if not more) advanced technology at work is ever increasing. In today’s world, many people are finding it difficult to go about their daily working lives without both a high speed internet connection as well as a high processing computer.

The Blurring Lines Between Personal And Professional

It doesn’t really matter which organisation you are currently in because across the board the lines between what once was considered inappropriate activity in the workplace and what was considered best practices are slowly blurring.

According to a research done by a group of psychologist in Europe back in 2005, it is discovered that it takes extremely great amounts of effort by an individual to actually keep both their work life and personal life separate.

When people attempt to keep their work and personal life separate what they really are doing is actually actively alternating between their salient personalities (most people have more than one). This causes a great strain thus draining people of both their energy and motivation.

Which is why more organisation these days are moving towards a more integrated approach towards working life and personal life.

The Need To Inspire

Long gone are the days where an autocratic leadership style is the best way to get employees to produce great work. In a world where coming up with innovative ways to produce solutions in order to remain competitive, the need for people to stay inspired and motivated is highly crucial.

It can be seen that organisations that actively take steps to keep people happy and motivated either through interactive trainings or team buildings, keeping a constantly pulse on their employees motivation levels, providing state of the art facilities as well as attractive benefits are the ones that are producing the results they need to get further ahead.

In conclusion, the Gen-Ys being the majority population in the workforce has brought about many changes and it will do well for organisations to start moving in a direction to accommodate these changes.

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