Millennials or the Gen-Ys seem to be the never ending buzz word used in the business world. Businesses are either trying to manage them, attract them, retain them or market to them. However despite the well planned efforts to understand them better, the Y-iser generation (Gen X and baby boomers) still find it difficult to hold the millennials’ attention.

The generational gap that exists between the Y-iser generation and the millennials is getting bigger and bigger. Being a Gen-Y myself I understand your plight because we the Gen-Y seem to be very paradoxical in nature. We want to feel unique but at the same time we want to be stay up to date with the latest fads and trends. We want to move mountains but we do not want to leave the comforts of our pre-existing surroundings. We can be super loyal to certain brands and yet at the same time we would also complain about the same brands we’re loyal to on social media when we feel there was an injustice caused to our persons.

The reason why the Y-iser still aren’t able to properly decode the Gen- Ys is because we also do not understand ourselves. We (just like the young people before us) are out on this world trying to find our place and make an impact, but unlike the generation before us, we are filled with images of grandeur and believe that achieving greatness is a requirement. This is the reason why we tend to sway for either one extreme to the other.

For any organization to work there needs to be synergy between the Y-iser generation and the millennials –very much like a tango. Similarly to the tango, if only one person knows the steps the dance becomes awkward but when both parties are in sync then it turns into a beautiful meeting of two parties.
Here are three ways for us to Tango Together:

1. Teaching vs Coaching

Be our mentor, show us the way on how things are done. But when we choose to show you another way, be open to new ideas or explain to us why it our ideas aren’t feasible. We want someone to look up to and we are more likely to follow in your lead if we see you as our coach.

2. We want to move fast, but with direction

Be our compass. We understand that you have been in the business for much longer that we have, provide us the direction we need for us to catch up in our development.

3. Life Development vs Career Development

Be sincere both in words and actions. We can identify and respect people who treat us as another human being. We want to feel like what we do matters, and that this is a company that we can really identify and grow with.

At Thriving Talents we’ve come up with the R.A.C.E model to get both parties to Tango in perfect harmony. R.A.C.E. which stands for Respect, Adapt, Communicate and Experience is a pervious approach to better manage, attract, retain and grow the talents that you have to be a success.

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