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Psychological and sociological researches have shown that Thriving Delegator Warriors tend to be direct and decisive, sometimes described as dominant. Just like Michael Jordan, Gordon Ramsay, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Delegator Warriors would prefer to lead than follow, and tend towards leadership and management positions.

Delegator Warriors often possess high self-confidence and are risk takers and problem solvers, which enables others to look to them for decisions and direction. Delegator Warriors tend to be self-starters, with these goals in mind: unique accomplishments, new opportunities, control of audience and independence.

They are likely to focus on the need to achieve. Competitiveness and ambition are also associated with Delegator Warrior who seems to enjoy challenge, and rarely back away from a difficult or risky situation.

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STRENGTH of Delegator Warrior

Thriving Delegator Warriors tend to be experts in the following areas:

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Innovation
  • Problem solver
  • Risk taker
  • ​Decisive; makes quick decision
  • Place high value on time
  • Bottom-line organizer

SPEAKING STYLE of Delegator Warrior

Thriving Delegator Warriors have the inclination to adopt the following style of communication:

  • Good at initiating communication
  • Good at debating
  • Speaks freely
  • Can be sarcastic
  • Often perceived as not good at listening

LIMITATIONS of Delegator Warrior

Thriving Delegator Warriors often stumble upon challenges due to these factors:

  • Dislike the "routine"
  • Deemed to be self-absorbed
  • Oversteps authority
  • Argumentative
  • Hard to admit he/she is wrong
  • Reluctant to delegate

EMOTIONAL NEEDS of Delegator Warrior

Two major emotional needs for Thriving Delegator Warriors are:

  • Accomplishments and challenges
  • Want to be shown appreciation for their quantity of work

LEADERSHIP STYLE of Delegator Warrior

Thriving Delegator Warriors adopt a unique style of leadership:

  • Tend to take a hierarchal or “autocratic” approach with other people
  • Take control and be-in-charge type
  • Often don't like to be told what to do
  • Can come across to be pushy and forceful

AREAS OF GROWTH of Delegator Warrior

Effective tips to grow and improve a Thriving Delegator Warrior!

  • Strive to be an active listener
  • Be attentive to team members’ ideas until everyone reaches a consensus
  • Develop a greater appreciation for the opinions, feelings and desires of others
  • Invest energy and time into personal relationships
  • Take time to explain the “why” of your statements and proposals
  • Friendliness and gentleness will take you even further down the journey of success!
" He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise. " - Lao tzu

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