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Psychological and sociological researches have shown that Thriving Analyzer Warriors are accurate, precise, detail-oriented, and conscientious. They think very analytically and systematically and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up. Just like Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Legolas (from The Lord of the Rings), Analyzer Warriors often prioritizes ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions. Analyzer Warriors emphasize on working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy.

Analyzer Warriors is motivated by opportunities to gain knowledge, showing their expertise, and quality work, with the following goals in mind: unique accomplishments, correctness, stability, predictable accomplishments and personal growth. A typical Analyzer Warrior prefers an environment that is peaceful and organized with few to no conflicts or arguments. As a result of their paying attention in such detail, Analyzer Warrior fears criticism from others, especially for their work, they tend to be over critical of others.

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STRENGTH of Analyzer Warrior

Thriving Analyzer Warriors tend to be experts in the following areas:

  • Conscientious and even-tempered
  • Thorough in all activities
  • Defining situations
  • Gathers, analyzes, and tests information
  • Creative thinker
  • Ability to organize
  • Sets long-range goals

SPEAKING STYLE of Analyzer Warrior

Thriving Analyzer Warriors have the inclination to adopt the following style of communication:

  • Usually a good listener
  • Hesitate to talk until he/she has thought out precisely what to say

LIMITATIONS of  Analyzer  Warrior

Thriving Analyzer Warriors often stumble upon challenges due to these factors:

  • Need to have clear boundaries
  • Bound by procedures and policies
  • Gets bogged down in details
  • Prefer not to verbalize feelings
  • Will give in rather than argue
  • Easily depressed; May sacrifice results for harmony

EMOTIONAL NEEDS of Analyzer Warrior

Two major emotional needs for Thriving Analyzer Warriors are:

  • Order and sensitivity
  • Want to be shown appreciation for their quality of the work

LEADERSHIP STYLE of Analyzer Warrior

Thriving Analyzer Warriors adopt a unique style of leadership:

  • Tend to take a “bureaucratic” approach, delegating authority to others as long as others follow proper procedures
  • Competent and compliant
  • Go by the book and want everything just right
  • Thorough and detail-oriented
  • Too informative and answer questions people are not asking
  • When optimistic, they are extremely influential

AREAS OF GROWTH of  Analyzer  Warrior

Effective tips to grow and improve a Thriving Analyzer Warrior!

  • Concentrate on doing the right things, not just doing things right
  • Respond more quickly to accomplish team goals
  • Be less critical of others’ ideas and methods and explore taking risks along with other team members
  • Be more decisive
  • Focus less on facts and more on people
  • Striving to build relationships with other team members will take you even further down the journey of success!
" He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise. " - Lao tzu

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